Wednesday, 21 May 2014

We are a Schoolgen school!

Hooray! We have become a 'schoolgen' school. Last December we submitted an application to Schoolgen to see if we were eligible for solar panels. The folk and Genesis liked our application and came down to visit us. They wanted to check we were doing what we said we were doing and if our school was suitable for solar panels. It turned out that our top block was just right (and they liked what we were doing)

So, we are now the proud owners of 16 photovoltaic solar panels! We are becoming so much more energy efficient creating our own power!

We have a team of kids who are our schoolgen team. To start with, they will keep a watch that classes are energy-efficient by turning off lights etc when not in the room. Hopefully they will do themselves out of a job soon!
Thanks so much to Maggie and Rob for selecting us!

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